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Japanese Language School Alliance

Amaze the world with Japanese.

We are dedicated to the Japanese language education business and are cultivating talented individuals who will captivate the world through their Japanese language skills. We invite you to join us in creating the future and connecting the world through the Japanese language.


We captivate the world through Japanese. Japanese is an enchanting language that attracts global attention with its delicate and beautiful expressions, as well as its rich expressions rooted in deep cultural backgrounds. Learning Japanese can deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and society. Also, in business and international exchanges, speaking Japanese can build trust with your counterparts. We are dedicated to Japanese language education and developing professionals who can fascinate the world through Japanese. Let's work together with us to create the future and connect the world through Japanese.


We are currently seeking partner institutions.

Our passion for teaching the Japanese language goes beyond simply teaching the language itself. We aim to connect with the world through Japanese, promote cultural exchange, and cultivate individuals who can succeed in the international community. We believe that it is important to utilize the latest educational technology and materials to provide more opportunities for people to learn Japanese. ​We sincerely hope that Japanese language schools who resonate with our vision, as well as companies and higher education institutions that actively support our efforts in welcoming international students, will truly understand our philosophy


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Online Japanese Program

Advanced Studies and Employment Prep Course


Scholarship Program

Private Study Abroad Support Scholarship Program

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